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Welcome to Web Teacher

Web Teacher, an interactive educational portal, first of its kind serves the purpose of providing precise knowledge to User/Students.

Web Teacher features technology tutorials, the contents of these tutorials are composed by highly technical and experienced team. This portal is structured in such a way that it gives an excellent usage experience which no other tutorial websites offer.

Two types of Users can register with Web Teacher :

1. User/Students :

Upon registering as a User/Student the users can avail the following benefits :

» View Full Tutorials
» Post Queries
» View Replies
» Edit Profile
» Online Test
» Write Testimonials
» Chat with Techies

2. Subject Matter Experts(SME) :

Web Teacher offers registration of technical Subject Matter Experts also, which helps the student to get accurate answers for their queries.

In order to register as Subject Matter Expert, uploaded resume of all the techies are verified by the Web Teacher Admin. On verification the Subject Matter Experts receive their default password on their email specified while registering.

Upon confirmation Subject Matter Experts can avail following benefits :

» Upload Contents
» Reply to Queries
» Edit Profiles
» Write Testimonials
» Chat with Students

Future Aspects :

Our Development Team is constantly working hard to provide more interactive features and soon users will be able to use the following upcoming features :

» Tech-Socialisation
» Online Certification Tests
» Video Tutorials
» Blogging

So what are you waiting for just Click Here to register and experience the freedom with knowledge.



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