Technology Introduction  


ORACLE is a fourth generation relational database management system. In general, a Data Base Management System (DBMS) must be able to reliably manage a large amount of data in a multi-user environment so that many users can concurrently access the same data. All this must be accomplished while delivering high performance to the users of the database. A DBMS must also be secure from unauthorized access and provide efficient solutions for failure recovery. The ORACLE Server provides efficient and effective solutions for the major database features.

ORACLE consists of many tools that allow you to create an application with ease and flexibility. You must determine how to implement your requirements using the features available in ORACLE, along with its tools. The features and tools that you choose to use to implement your application can significantly affect the performance of your application.

Several of the more useful features available to ORACLE application developers are integrity constraints, stored procedures and packages, database triggers, cost-based optimizer, shared SQL, locking and sequences.
This course will cover:

» ORACLE Architecture - provides a basic understanding of the "Big Picture'' including the concepts and terminology of    the ORACLE Server.

» Starting ORACLE And Other Important Information - provides the knowledge of how to set up your account and other    system environment variables. It will also provide information about how ORACLE is currently setup, which you will require, and the steps you must take to report any problems.

» SQL*Plus (Terminal Monitor) - provides a summary of the commands that you will require in order to create tables and    manipulate the database.

» SQL Commands - provides the syntax of some of the SQL Commands in ORACLE to help you get started. This section    will shed light on the various SQL statements.

» ORACLE Data Base Administration- provides the methods to maintain the database which includes security, backup and    recovery, networking and tuning the database.

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